13 Wisdoms for a more Enchanted Life Part 1

Cards from the Enchanted Heart Wisdom Oracle and Teaching System , Charms by Deva Designs

Cards from the Enchanted Heart Wisdom Oracle and Teaching System , Charms by Deva Designs

"  Make the foundation of your life rich in wonder, beauty, joy, spiritual connection and healthy habits. You will flourish. It sounds simple, yet truly living in your divine rhythm takes a great Love of self and Life. If you are open to attuning to it, you will be guided by the deep Feminine Wisdom within on this great adventure." 

-Shara Rose Gladstar, Master Teacher

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What is your recipe for a life you love, that loves you back?

When you make a recipe, you gather your ingredients. When you create a work of art, you gather your materials. If you are wishing to make a delicious meal or a beautiful picture, you gather the highest quality elements you can muster. Once you have those elements, you combine them with care and consideration. Just the right amount of this and that, assures your finished "product" will be delightful and of course, enchanting. One rotten apple or tarnished bead can ruin your  cobbler or beautiful necklace! What is the recipe for your life? What are the elements that you currently or want to include to make each day beautiful, healthy, fulfilling and Enchanted?

What are you ready to let go of and clear from your life that you find disenchanting ? 

" But not everything in my life is of the highest possible quality. Things do spoil and tarnish. I can't create perfection, in fact, I can drive myself crazy trying to make everything "right".  I truly wish to know how to take the next steps, I know that I am very close to finding the keys to my true self, to the secrets of being myself. What do I do? What comes next?" ( I hear your heart ask, as mine does , to ourWise Woman within ) 

"The First thing I want you to do my dearest, is to RELAX, says the Wise Woman within. Take some deep breaths and focus on your heart."


1. Relax

 I see Life and how we live our lives as two different things. I experience Life  as the source of creation, as the energy of manifestation and all that we see and experience and are. Our lives, are what we do with our relationship with Life. I have learned that when I love Life, Life loves me back. When I get frustrated with how I live my life, but blame it on Life herself, ( you know, we say Life sucks, Life is not fair, etc. etc, but I feel it is not LIFE that sucks, but how we are living and experiencing life that can suck)well, then my life does not go nearly as well.

So I have and continue to learn how to live with Life in a more collaborative and co-creative way, and fashion an experience as Rhianne to be custom made to fit me and how I have been created as the soul, woman and person I am. This has been and continues to be a journey that so far as lasted over 60 years! I know that you are a magical woman (or man) who is ready to take a leap and enjoy and respect and honor your experience of Life as never before. I am pleased to offer this guidance from my heart, to you, as my gift. When I asked what element to begin with, the word that came up so strongly was RELAX. So I encourage you, relax, stop all of your activities for the moment, and be fully present. To be able to truly listen to Life speaking through our hearts, we must slow down, relax, and open.


My Darling One

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Take a very deep breath. I invite you to relax, let go and release all of the energies, thoughts, ideas, beliefs and clutter that clouds your body, mind and spirit, and rest your heart? That would be so very lovely. Here, let me help you get more comfortable. Allow me to make you a delicious cup of relaxing tea. I will put in herbs from my garden, Lemon Balm, Rosemary and Rose petals, for a soothing, uplifting brew. You might be weary, or you might be wonderful. You might be sorrowful, or you might be elated. Whatever your current state of being is, we will open to more harmony, balance and beauty together. I have created a short relaxing guided journey for you as a gift. Please take five minutes to yourself in a quiet, comfortable place. If you can make yourself a cup of tea in a favorite cup, do so. Take some time when the guided journey is over to contemplate these questions. Perhaps write them in your journal. Next week I will share part 2 of this series with you. Until then, may you experience many magical miraculous changes that will help you to flourish in every area of your life! I hope you enjoy our time together as we access our inner Feminine Enchanted Heart Wisdom.

With deep love, honor and support,

Rhianne Teija NewLahnd


The Mysterious Magical Pansy


“Humbly serving all with their beauty, flowers say more to us about God than anything else. Each one brings a message that the Heavenly Father is right here.”

Paramahansa Yogananda

Pansy flower remedy is an immune builder drawing out from within the individual the purest quality of heart and mind. Pansy flower essence helps us to “face” the world by strengthening our courage to share our beauty. Pansy flower essence also clears negative thoughts and opens the heart chakra.- Isha Lerner
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 I take my wooden bowl down to the garden and ask the Pansy plants if I may have a few choice flowers for my daily salad. They always graciously say yes. The Flower Fairy offers her greeting. I find the whole experience Simply Enchanting, and the salad delicious !- Rhianne

“Poetry is a mystic, sensuous mathematics of fire, smoke-stacks, waffles, pansies, people, and purple sunsets.” Carl Sandburg

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I am having a lifelong love affair with flowers.

Flowers are my beloveds. I have a kinship with them that is deep. I care for those in my garden with joy and gratitude. They are part of my family. Because of this, there are always components to my work that includes Flowers. They appear in my art, in my poetry, in my healing and consulting work. I hope you enjoy learning about Pansy. I keep many growing all through the winter, and I love them in my salads, and for their wisdom. ENJOY

If you strive to be pure of heart and mind and are ready to face the world and share your many gifts, beauty, and wisdom in a deeply satisfying way that contributes a legacy of love, then you and I are kindred spirits. Pansy can assist us to accomplish this with grace.

What if we had an ally who could help us to achieve our intention to find this purity and courage with a simply enchanted elegance that was easy and graceful? What if we could let go of working so HARD to be clear of negative thoughts and have our heart chakras open wide, activating deep healing in our immune systems and clearing disorders we have carried for decades, or eons? I have asked myself these questions many times, and now, the magical world of enchantment, the Deva's and inner guides, are providing answers that have been right in front of us all along.

According to the ancients, and many well known and reputable healers, we can call upon the Pansy to be a support for us in enhancing and healing our hearts and as a result, our lives. Life Herself, provides so many wonderful remedies for our human “conditions”. Yet, in our current modern age, we often overlook or underestimate the amazing gifts that the pretty posies growing lushly in our home gardens have to offer.  But now, the wise Mother of Life within each of us, is calling us back to the Simply Enchanted world of heart wisdom, and a big part of that world, is Nature. And a wondrous part of Nature, is the flowers and plants.

Healing benefits and therapeutic uses of Pansy Flower


Here is some additional information about Pansy Flowers. They are so easy to grow, so lovely, and have so many uses. I get organic flowers or if that is not available, buy from a reputable nursery and allow the plants to blossom a few times, and then I use the flowers.


PANSY IS A GREAT SOURCE OF RUTIN, WHICH STRENGTHENS CAPILLARY WALLS. Taking 100 milligrams daily of rutin can mitigate the effects of varicose and spider veins. The best way to get your rutin is from pansy flowers instead of a pill. Just five of the fabulously edible flowers a day (try sprinkling them overtop of your salads) supplies that helpful dose, and the synergistic effects you get from eating a whole food provide much greater potential benefit than an isolated extract.

There is a lot of great information about Pansy on the internet for more details

*Ointments and skin creams made with pansy as an ingredient have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Pansy is therefore used to treat skin ailments such as psoriasis, acne, eczema, itching, impetigo, and cradle cap. Drinking pansy tea or using it as a poultice on the skin can is effective as well

  *The Chinese have long since used pansies to treat and soften tumors in the body that could result in cancers of the lungs, stomach and the breast.

* Pansy can strengthen contractions of the uterus and induce labor.

* The antitussive properties of the pansy plant lend it to being used to treat respiratory conditions such as asthma, whooping could, and bronchitis. It also soothes inflammations and irritations in the mucus membranes of the throat and loosens and eliminates phlegm. The best way to treat such ailments is by gargling with pansy tea or a pansy infusion. You could also drink the tea made with dried pansy flowers and leaves steeped in hot water. Add honey or lemon juice to taste.

*The salicylates in pansy act as an anti-inflammatory as well. This makes pansy an effective treatment for rheumatism and arthritis.

* Bladder infections such as cystitis are cured with the pansy herb.

*Regular consumption of pansy can reduce blood pressure and prevent heart failure.

*The wild pansy flower has been used since ancient times in the treatment of epilepsy.

*Shampoos made with extract of pansy can nourish and condition the scalp keeping it healthy and improving hair quality.


You are invited to be part of The Journey of The Enchanted Heart. Click here for more information.

Magical Books For Women



Books for Enchanted Living 

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The wonder of real books made of paper and ink, with "that" smell, and feel, have been an important part of my life since I was a very small child. Reading was a way to journey into realms of wonder, learn many things and find temporary respite from my troubles. By the age of 10, I had read most of the books in the children's section of our little branch library, and my mother signed me up for an adult library card! One of my greatest joys was walking the 1/2 mile to the library, spending time looking through the books, and checking out a stack, all I could carry, to bring home and READ.

 As an adult, regular trips to the Library continued to be times I looked forward to. How to, gardening, craft books, classics, fantasy, cook books, spirituality and self help books, were among my favs. Our local Sedona Library, a town of artists, new agers, intellects and generally interesting people, had book sales twice a year. The books were one dollar each. Twice a year, I would spend between $50-100 dollars there. Over the years, with the addition of books I purchased in used book stores, I had over 3,000 books.( I sold all but about 400 books when I was downsizing about 15 years ago.)

Times have changed

I do not buy books like I once did, and my trips to the library are fewer. Audio books, e-books and buying books on amazon have become the norm for me. But, I still cherish my book collection, and add to it carefully, when something special comes along.

Why I am reviewing books for my Blog

Part of the Simply Enchanted Living lifestyle, is doing things you love that bring more enchantment into your life. If you can combine what enchants you with making a contribution to others in your work, relationships and so forth, that is optimal. Writing these short reviews of books enchants my life is a number of ways:

1. I get to revisit books I have loved and rekindle the magic they bring, and am motivated to find new books to read or listen to.  

2. I get to connect with Authors that I know or would like to know, and expand my circle of enchanting friends, with the possibility of speaking with them or even interviewing them! How fun.( If you are an Author with an enchanting book, please get in touch with me for a possible review)

3. I get to share something with you that I feel will enchant and enrich your life.

The first books that came to "Heart" to share

I have chosen 4 books to share about. They are the ones that just came to me intuitively when I started writing this post. Of course, there are thousands to choose from, but one must start somewhere! What I love about this group is that not only are they unique, entertaining, helpful and inspiring, but the women and man who have written them inspire me as well. I encourage you to read one or more of them if what I write speaks to you, you will not be sorry. Each one of these books are gems that I treasure. Please feel free to comment and share about books you love and why, sign up for our offers and newsletter, and enjoy all the gifts I have created for you.

I am curious and delighted to receive your comments and will reply within a few days. Comment below article.

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The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life by Thomas Moore

"This is a book written by a scholar and mystic who believes that Enchantment is a necessary element of a well lived life."

re-echantment book.jpg

I am a devoted fan of Thomas Moore who has written some wonderful books, among them, Care of The Soul, Soul Mates and this one, The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life which was published in 1996. I feel it is even more timely now than when he wrote it. This book might take some time to read, for it to truly be understood, as Enchantment is not something we speak about very much in our culture.

When I read his books, it is a home coming for me in many ways. I can relate to him, and feel he offers great wisdom both in defining what our current issues are in this mostly disfunctional society we are living in, and solutions to our travails that are profound and simple, a favorite combination of mine. Moore speaks of Enchantment as being a necessity for our personal and collective survival. He speaks of finding enchantment in everyday things when we engage with Life and the beauty, craft, nature and art found there. As a learned psychologist, he feels that dis-enchantment with life is at the center of most of the despair he sees in millions world wide. I have read this book many times, and listened to the audio as well. I have not had the pleasure of meeting him in person, but look forward to doing so one day.  https://www.amazon.com/Re-Enchantment-Everyday-Moore-Thomas-Hardcover/dp/B00ZT1YOMK/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1533957931&sr=8-2&keywords=the+re-enchantment+of+everyday+life

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The Gaia Codex by a beloved Sacred Sister, Sarah Drew

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"Gaia Codex is a transmission in the guise of a creation story about the re-emergence of the sacred feminine to help birth a new world"-Nina Simons

“Both an ancient ‘found’ wisdom text and a sumptuous epic novel, GAIA CODEX reveals the hidden histories and teachings of a world long forgotten, the secret wisdom of an ancient lineage of women through the ages. 

 Set in a near future of impending societal and environmental collapse, the novel is a tale of hope and remembrance an inspired vision of humanity’s origins and the potential we hold for conscious evolutionAlthough written as fiction, Gaia Codex speaks to urgent truths of our times for many feel humanity is at a critical turning point and we must change our relationship to our Mother Earth, transform the cultures we live in and redefine what it is to be human. With exponentially growing numbers of international readers, Gaia Codex is a flourishing phenomenon that is capturing the passionate Spirit of the Feminine Rising and our deepening reconnection to our Mother Earth.” from Sarah Drew

A book to call us home to our hearts

My last offering to you is certainly not the least. In fact, it is one of my favorite books of all times. For me, this book was nourishment for my hungry heart and soul. It is a feast in story, in word, in characters, and even more, in the underlying transmission that is so powerfully woven into it. It is a call of awakening, and a remembrance for our time, of the quest of the feminine to rise up and speak out, to bring enchantment , beauty and balance back to our world. Sarah is connected to a flow of deep wisdom that will activate your cells as well, to remember who you are. It is rare that I find a portal to enchanted realms that are as attractive and fulfilling to me as the ones that I create myself!  As a result of reading this book, I contacted Sarah Drew who graciously opened her heart in friendship to me. She is a champion for creative women to share their work with the world, and I know that she holds a place in her heart for The Enchanted Heart Wisdom Council System. I have read this book twice, and listened to it on audio, on long trips, three times. I look forward to listening to it again. Give yourself the gift of a great adventure, one that could transform your life forever. I pray that there will be more books, and perhaps films and other beautiful offerings. Sarah has a gorgeous new website where you can order the book or audio, https://www.gaiacodex.com


Living on the Earth by Alicia Bay Laurel

"A book beloved by the Hippies and Flower Children, a record of how to live on the land and create community in simplicity and love"

In 1971, when this book was published,  I was a Flower child, and this book, about how to live like a Hippie and go back to the land, was entrancing to me. While it made the idea of sewing your own clothing, growing your own food and building your own primitive shelter seem more glamorous than It is, I poured over it and went back time and time again. I do believe that it has practical, informative and valuable information that can be applied to modern living and to Simply Enchanted Living, for sure. The fact that it was hand written and drawn by a young woman only a few years older than myself, made it all the more attractive and relatable. I always kept my copy. Back then, it cost $3.95. 

This book has been reprinted for 60 years, and Alicia is a has a devoted following in Japan, Spain and other countries. The information and style of her writing and art touches the younger generation of today. Not only do I love the book, but love what has come of her writing it. Her art is world wide. She has been able to promote her music and she continues speaking out about how to live more simply and gently on the Earth. Besides being a fun book, It is inspiring, to see what one creative woman can do to make the world a better place.  I consider her a pioneer, and always wanted to meet her.

living on the earth.jpg

My dear friend and Soul Sister, Alicia Bay Laurel

Alicia bay laurel and I.jpg

And then, in 2010, I found out that Alicia lived in Arizona, just a few hours away. I wanted to show her my Enchanted Heart Wisdom Council Oracle & teaching system, and so, I contacted her. She graciously invited me to her home, where she read and discussed my entire project, offered me suggestions, and we recognized we were soul sisters and had much in common. She invited me to a delicious vegan dinner and to stay with her and her husband Joe, an amazing musician, for the night. We have been dear friends ever since. Two years ago, I even had the pleasure of hosting a story-telling and musical performance by Alicia in our home. Here is a link to her book-https://www.amazon.com/Living-Earth-Celebrations-Warnings-Harvested/dp/0394710568/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1533864372&sr=1-1&keywords=living+on+the+earth


Gwinna by Barbara Helen Berger

"It is a tale of classic enchantment and unforgettable beauty, a tale that speaks to the heart."


 In 1990, while visiting Santa Fe New Mexico on business, I went into a beautiful bookstore. As I often did, I went to the section where the illustrated children's books were shelved. I was often inspired by the gifted artists on the pages of those books. That particular day, I discovered a treasure. As I leafed through the pages, an energy of such beauty, grace and depth radiated out to me, I did not hesitate to purchase the book . I  actually hugged it to my chest, and knew it was important I had found it.  I began reading it that day, and the story struck and cord in my heart, that helped me unravel a lifetime of unspoken pain from my childhood as well as encourage, lighten and empower me.

This is a story that is a rite of passage for girls and for women who still have an inner child that needs healing. This is a tale of a girl who only wants to use her own wings and to know her own song. I especially love that Barbara Helen Berger both wrote and illustrated this story.( and has written and illustrated other best selling books). It took her three years to complete all the luminous illustrations. Writing this book inspired her life, and certainly has and continues to inspire mine. I would recommend this to any adult woman who wants to be transported into her younger self, or simply take a magical journey. It is a perfect gift for your pre-teen or young teen age daughters, sisters, nieces, grand daughters, or any young girls or groups of girls.

I have contacted Barbara for a possible interview in the near future, stay tuned.

You can find copies here, https://www.amazon.com/Gwinna-Barbara-Helen-Berger/dp/039921738X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1533867243&sr=1-1&keywords=GWINNA