About Rhianne


I am a Story teller & a Story maker

I support amazing magical wise women to live enchanted lives of their own design, custom made to fit them like a glove. To get to experience such a life of freedom is what I have created for myself and have inspired my clients and friends to create, I wish it for you as well.

I am a woman who’s life has been rich with joy, beauty, love and deep spiritual connection, as well as tremendous trauma, drama, illness, hopelessness and abuse. Personally, I believe it is a miracle that I am doing as well as I am, and I owe that to my Divine Mother, the Feminine Presence that dwells within me and guides me on my way. I am now a Wise Woman in my 6th decade. I am ready to share more about my journey, for I have gathered tremendous insights and developed ways to assist you to find a life you find Simply Enchanting. I have invented some innovative creations, programs, Oracles, systems, trainings, and more over the years. Some I have shared and tested, others are new, and some have been hidden for many decades. I have designed all of these things with the intention of bringing a dream to fruition, a dream of a wise and enchanted world, where people are harmonious , healthy and happy, living in balance with Mother Nature, and connected to the Higher Self.

I am a woman who is difficult to define. Who and what I am is complex and deep, with so many aspects and facets! I imagine some of you feel the same way, and can use many of these words to describe yourself.

A Visionary living my dreams, an Ordained Priestess, Speaker,Teacher, Writer, Artist, Innovator, Educator, Lover, Gardener, Spiritual guide, Intuitive and Performer, etc.

Since 1988 I have been a facilitator of Women’s groups, A Conductress of ceremony & events.

This is my Enchanted Heart Wisdom Oracle. It is a fantastic tool of divination, transformation, education & creativity.

Sedona is my Temple. I have lived here for 32 years. I love the great outdoors.

I write. Every day. Journals, Articles, posts,
divine letters, songs & books

Gardening is a passion that heals, energizes and gives me great pleasure.

Tapestry Collage is a great love of mine as well as jewelry making.My work has been sold in fine stores and to personal clients.

I am an Intuitive guide, CCHT, Ordained Priestess & Wise Woman reader.

Amazing women I get to work with , My Beloved Charles , friends & celebrations!

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The future belongs to those who believe
in the beauty of their dreams. -Eleanor Roosevelt


Official Bio

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I have many roles I play: spiritual adviser, teacher, speaker, writer, artist, Faerie God-Mother and devotee of the Sacred Feminine.

Currently, I am the Director, founder of NewLahnd Studio’s and The Simply Enchanted Living programs and the designer of The Enchanted Heart Wisdom Oracle and educational system.

I have worked as a professional spiritual adviser and intuitive reader for over 30 years, providing inspiration and/or guidance for thousands of people, performing an original one woman musical show called Sara Of The Sacred Garden 250 times, selling my hand painted wearable art at high end boutiques and galleries and designing custom made jewelry.

I am an ordained Priestess in two orders, one the Fellowship of Isis, a Minister, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Reiki and Mariel energy healer, the Directer of both NewLahnd Studios and The Enchanted Heart Wisdom Academy( coming soon) and a professional artist.

I have written articles for newspapers and magazines, as well as written continuously for my students and clients with a collection of journals and guidance from the Goddess that I began in 1986 to present day and plan to publish some of this year.

I have also been a devoted mate, home maker, gardener and long time Sedona resident, contributing to my community many ceremonies, support groups, celebrations, events and women’s circles.

In the early days , when I began my magical work , I was called “The Faerie Goddess of Sedona”. Today, I am more like The Faerie GrandMother!

Back in the 1990’s blessing people with my wand, what fun!

Back in the 1990’s blessing people with my wand, what fun!

I have had MANY adventure during my career. I have performed Goddess ceremonies and facilitated fire walks for hundreds in Mexico City, worked with seriously possessed people and traveled to Israel to be part of a Peace Conference in which I led major healing with yoga masters from all over the world. Early in my career facilitating Goddess groups for the local women of Sedona, the tv show 48 Hours filmed me wearing fairy wings washing the feet of one of my 75 circle sisters and it was viewed by 30 million people. I have been accused of being a witch in the pulpits of churches, and held high on the shoulders of joyous people calling me an Angel of transformation and healing. But really, I am a magical wise woman explorer who is fascinated with life and the path of consciousness.

I have been a presenter as a Keynote Speaker, Lecturer, Performer, Workshop leader or Director for numerous conferences and events over the last 30 years, working with some of the world’s great authors and activists.

I have been a presenter at conferences and events that included the following luminaries:

Marianne Williamson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jean Houston, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Don Miguel Ruiz, John Robbins, Larry Dosey, Sarah Mclean, Luisah Teish, James Rousse, Victoria Boutenko, Uqualla, Andrea Smith, India Arie, Rianne Eisler, Dr. E. Duran, Carol E. Parrish, Scarlet Rivera, Yogi Amrit Desai, and more.


Featured in a movie

In 2014 I was one of 16 extraordinary Sedona women featured in a wonderful movie called The Song Within. You can watch it on the Gaia channel or YouTube.


Published articles

I had the pleasure of being a featured writer for the year that a wonderful magazine called Goddess Guru out of Australia was published. You can still access those articles and much more HERE

To ask me specific questions, for interviews, inquiries or any thing else I can help you with, please go to my contact page.