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This is the time to arise and live your most enchanted life!


What are your heart’s desires?


Are you hearing the call of your soul?

YEARNING for a simply enchanted life full of wonders , ease and grace that is grounded and connected to both the Earth and Spirit?

QUESTIONING a career, relationship or lifestyle you have worked hard to create and yet feel unfulfilled, depressed, ill or disenchanted with?

MAKING CHOICES to change habits, patterns and emotional challenges that hold you back from deep fulfillment, health, radiance and joy ?

READY to shine, inspire, create and thrive as you enter the next chapter of your life and you desire greater connection and clarity to the vision, intentions and truth in your heart?

MANIFESTING your dreams and feeling incredible power moving through you and now you want to ride that wave and make the most of this time while thriving in body, mind and spirit?

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I am a Midwife of Magic, assisting you to birth your Enchanted Self!

Over 25+ years I have helped thousands of people as a professional intuitive consultant , Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Speaker, Ordained Priestess, Author, Teacher and Visual / Performing artist.

Rhianne is a powerful women that has lived a rich and enchanted life. She brings all of her wisdom into everything she does. I was deeply touched by her Wise Women Counsel and how it invites us to find the wisdom within for clarity in any situation we might be facing or questing. I am blessed that our paths have crossed and you will be to when you have the opportunity to work with her or bring into your life one of her amazing, unique creations.
— Vera Lopez, International Sacred Site Tour Guide & Wise Woman Teacher
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My unique system of self discovery will connect you to your higher self and the inner wisdom that can improve every aspect of your life! 


My Magical Offerings

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The Enchanted Heart Private Sessions

Gateway to Enchantment Reading

1.5 HOUR CALL (or in person in Sedona )

Following the wisdom in your heart
will bring your life to a place of beauty, enchantment, and well being.

This reading is designed to zero quickly in on accessing the wisdom you have within your heart that will increase your well being and answer your most pressing questions. The questions can be about anything, business, relationships, health, spirituality, etc. Three Wise Women Oracles will step forward and I will guide you to connect to each archetype and discover inner wisdom you have not known before.

You will leave with clear answers, steps that will help you to resolve your issues, and tools you can use to re-connect to your inner wisdom. You will also receive copies of the descriptions of each of your Oracles, and advice on how to deepen your reading on your own. You will also receive our beautiful Altar card and guide to creating an intention Altar to activate the desires and focus you have discovered in your session.

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I just want to say that having a private session with Rhianne was life changing for me. My experience brought support to me from the wise woman counsel, in a way that was very organic and actually had me shedding close to 30 lbs in a matter of 4 months after my session. I was not intending on weight loss as the goal but of releasing all the things that were keeping me in a holding pattern in my life. Working with this unique and beautiful process took the EFFORT out of creating the change for myself and had me creating from a state of total ALLOWANCE, which brought into my life all the changes I was wanting. So easily!!!! This work and this council of woman is amazing and how they heal...., surprising indeed! They helped me truly integrate that aspects of myself that were working against one another. Thank you Rhianne for creating such a transformative healing tool!
— Cynthia Spiece

Custom Enchanted Tapestry Portraits


A 1-3 Month Sacred Journey

An unforgettable journey into the Heart of Art. I will create for you a customized portrait of your Enchanted Self. The portrait will include colors, symbols, textures and incredible elements from my collections of fabrics, jewels, trims and more.

Creating your portrait is a journey that we will embark upon together. We will discover through private sessions and a special inquiry process, what you’re portrait will be.

This is a VIP journey and you will have my finest service. The process will last 1-3 months depending on your package. At the completion of the adventure, you will have a magnificent heirloom quality portrait.


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My Pledge

I promise to be honest, strong, generous, gracious and graceful. I will do my best to be a clear vessel of Sacred Feminine wisdom and to facilitate you to access your own wise woman within to find the keys to YOUR most authentic version of an Enchanted Life. I will deliver quality and put my heart into all we do together .