Are you like me? A Goddess in blue jeans? A beautiful, unique free spirit who has paid her dues, cultivated precious wisdom and now desires to create a more enchanted life and world? Glad to meet you. My name is Rhianne.


Dearest enchanted sister,

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I am a Treasure Hunter, Alchemist and Magician. I wield my wand and sing my song, invoking the magnificent magic of Life to rise and express her beauty and brilliance.

I am in my 6th decade now. Rather than retiring, I am aspiring to share my legacy. I have mellowed into a divine, refined being, (not perfect by any means) and know that my best work is emerging now. We are the teachers, leaders, innovators and artists for a new culture. We are spectacular!

To all (re) Enchanted hearts, I invite you to journey with me to realms of wonder and wisdom where we can pioneer new pathways to lives filled with grace and meaning.

Will you join me?

To begin visit the Blog for inspiration, The Art Gallery , The Academy to join our upcoming programs, and my Oracle Offerings. All are
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Are you a Magical Wise Woman who senses it is “your time” to share your gifts ? Are you yearning to experience the your true essence in creative collaboration with LIFE and others ? Me too, we are kindred spirits!

I am devoted to Enchantment. For me, that means creating what brings me and others beauty, well being, prosperity, joy and LOVE. I perceive that a dastardly spell of dis-enchantment has placed a veil upon our world that blinds people from seeing how beautiful and generous LIFE truly is. I desire to do my part to lift that veil by conducting the field of Divine Feminine love, something I am uniquely trained to do.

I see you. You are “jewel in the crown of the Goddess”. Do you remember who you are? If not, I am here to remind you, If so, I am here to inspire you to remember more!

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I am a Storyteller, Explorer & Way shower Living the tale that enchants my heart.

Since 1988 I have been a facilitator of Women’s groups, A Conductress of ceremony & events.

In my home studio, I create my tapestries, dolls, graphics for my programs, jewelry & more.

Sedona is my Temple. I have lived here for 32 years. I love the great outdoors!

I write. Articles, journals, blogs, channeling’s, programs, plays, songs, ceremonies, books.

Tapestry Collage is a great love of mine. I am an artist/designer.

Intuitive guide, CCHT, Ordained Priestess & Wise Woman reader!

Gardening is a passion. The power of flowers is profound.

The Enchanted Heart Wisdom Oracle, My beloved Charles , friends & celebrations!

Building Sacred Altars is powerful magic. There is a rare beauty in ritual and prayer.

I am fortunate to be alive and thriving

" My quest for Enchantment was inspired by a desire to heal from a traumatic childhood in which I became terribly depressed, angry and rebellious. I suffered from a severe eating disorder, dis-functional relationships and low self esteem. I got myself into some very dangerous situations and barely escaped death more than once!

I began the road to recovery and spiritual awakening in my mid twenties. In my thirties I discovered the wisdom and love of the Sacred Feminine and that became my life path. Many great adventures and lessons have brought me to the healthy, thriving life I have today. I am Enchanted with and dearly love LIFE with all my heart. I continue to find ways to restore myself in body, mind & spirit. "

Official Bio


Rhianne Teija NewLahnd is an innovator of transformational personal development systems, an educator, artist, performer, speaker, writer and group facilitator.

Her work began in 1986 when she arrived in Sedona Arizona after having a series of dreams that called her to the Sacred Land. Rhianne became an important part of the early Sedona spiritual community, and began facilitating women’s groups called Goddess Groups, that combined ceremony, music, art, seasonal celebrations, rites of passage and personal consulting sessions.

Rhianne was featured with her groups, that included local women of all ages, on the news show 48 Hours in 1988, and it was viewed by 30 million people. After that, she began traveling, speaking about Women’s Spirituality and the Sacred Feminine at conferences and gatherings all over the United States. She was invited to set up groups in a number of locations, and those groups, based on her systems, lasted for many years.

Being musically gifted, she became inspired by the Journey of the women that were attending the groups. Powerful songs began to emerge on her daily hikes in the Magical Red Rocks of Sedona. She recorded her songs with professional local musicians, and sang them during her events. She also started an organization called Heart of the Dove, a group that created community seasonal celebrations for hundreds of Sedona residents. She produced and directed the events herself, and at their height, over 100 people were involved in the production itself, including the local Ballet company at the time, the Montessori school, and many healers and teachers of the community.

In 20?, at the suggestion of her groups, she turned her music into a one woman musical production called Sarah of the Sacred Garden. For this play, she wrote a script in poetry, designed and made the costumes and set, wrote and sang the music, and booked herself into conferences, gatherings and small venues. She performed the play over 200 times in three years.

Beginning in 1988, I began to travel, teach, facilitate and share my work of Women's Spirituality. Over time, I applied for or was invited to be a presenter at conferences and gatherings all over the United States.At times, I taught a workshop, at other times, was a Keynote presenter.I also produced/directed a number of events in Sedona. Among the amazing teachers I have co-presented with are: Jean Houston, Don Miguel Ruiz, Rama Vernon, Max Lafser, Sarah McClean, Luisah Teish, James Rousse, Ani Williams, Aleia O’Reilly, Uqualla, Andrea Smith, India.Arie, Marianne Williamson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Rianne Eisler, John Robbins, Larry Dosey, Dr. E. Duran, Carol E. Parrish, Scarlet Rivera, the late Yogi Amrit Desai, and more.

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*I am the Director / Owner of NewLahnd Studios. Our Simply Enchanted Living brand and Enchanted Heart Wisdom Academy produce innovative personal transformational tools , products and services.

* I also am an artist, creating fabulous Enchanted Heart Tapestry Portraits and Ceremonial jewelry.

As I became more magnetic and practiced, I applied to and was invited to participate in over 50 conferences and gatherings in 25 US States and on 4 Continents. At times I am a workshop leader, at other times a keynote presenter or performer. I also produced and directed many notable Sedona events.

I became known as the Faerie Goddess of
Sedona because of my petite stature, love of sparkly things and ability to create enchantment. Around 1999 I was featured with my women’s group on the t.v. show 48 Hours bathing the feet of one of my students.

There are many talents I have been blessed with. I am an innovator, artist, teacher, writer, performer, singer, ceremonialist and gardener. I am also an ordained Priestess, CC Hypnotherapist.

I have worked as a professional intuitive and guide for nearly 30 years, quietly guiding hundreds of people to discover their inner wisdom, creativity and beauty. For twenty years, I facilitated Goddess groups in my town of Sedona Arizona, and this experience provided me with an extraordinary platform to honed my skills and abilities as a facilitator, researcher and content creator.

Resume for Rhianne Teija NewLahnd

 Rhianne has been a keynote presenter at a variety of conferences including:

  • the IIIHS Midwest International Conference,
    Sancta Sophia at Sparrow Hawk Village for Carol Parrish,
    Unity in Yoga with Yoga Masters from around the world in Israel,
    The Aware Conferences in Flagstaff Az. with John Robbins, Larry Dosey, Dr. E. Duran and others
    and Base Camp Seattle with Scarlet Rivera. 
     She was invited to perform an original song at the Women of Vision and Action conference in Washington DC with Marianne Williamson, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Rianne Eisler,
      Rhianne was the producer and director of the Heart of the Dove foundation, which sponsored seasonal celebrations in Sedona for many years.
    In 20She has published articles, most recently in the beautiful magazines out of Australia, Goddess Guru

"In 2013  I had the honor of being one of 16 women chosen for a documentary film about Wise Women of the Sedona area. Our film debuted at The Sedona Film Festival to rave reviews, and can now be purchased or viewed online, or seen on Gaia TV. Part of the film included footage of an amazing event for 100 women I co-designed, that launched The Enchanted Heart Wisdom Council into the world.


  Rhianne's writing can be seen on the pages of Goddess Guru & White Light magazines, and on her Blog. Her new book,  Letters from The Garden of the Goddess, will be released in 2019.


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Rhianne is a fine artist, creating glorious Enchanted Tapestry Portraits & Sacred Adornments Jewelry pieces for her patrons, that bring out their magical selves.

Her studio is resplendent with fabrics, jewels, paints and treasures from all over the world. Her portraits are finding their way into the homes and workplaces of powerful, magical women. (find out more here). Her magnificent handwoven, beaded Sacred Adornments, are one of a kind, and can be custom made to fit a special occasion, or as a precious gift for a beloved.  


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Come and experience a personal vision quest trip to Sedona facilitated by Rhianne NewLahnd, You will discover secrets about yourself, that will change your life forever.