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Dear Magical Wise Woman,

My name is Rhianne , I am the author of Discovering Enchantment. I will be your teacher and guide as we embark on a journey to reveal the enchantment, wonder and wisdom that resides within your heart. My new course, based on my exciting Enchanted Heart Wisdom Oracle, is designed to shift your life in many positive ways. You will:

  • increase your love and appreciation for yourself and life dramatically

  • hone your intuitive and visionary skills

  • gain clarity about your life path

  • inspire the creative spark

  • experience your visions manifesting

  • and so much more.

This course is a true home coming to yourself. You will be meeting The Enchanted Heart Wisdom Council, a circle of 13 wise women master teachers, who will guide us to discover wisdom in all areas of life. They are magical wise women and each has gifts to share, including journal pages, downloadable art, altar cards and more. More details will be shared later, for now, I am delighted you are considering being a part of Discovering Enchantment.

Introducing The Enchanted Heart Wisdom Council , an Oracle system developed by Rhianne that we will use in our Discovering Enchantment Journey.

"Our true purpose is to love, cherish, enjoy, and be enchanted with LIFE.By holding this focus, we magically come into alignment with our higher selves.What could be better than that?"

Discovering Enchantment
A Journey to a masterful, meaningful & magical life

Discovering Enchantment is a six week journey of the imagination that invites you through a mystic portal to meet 13 Wise Women Oracle’s, who will be creating a Sacred Council meeting arranged to help give you keys to creating and enjoying a more whole hearted, healthy, powerful, Simply Enchanted experience of living.


Your magical wise woman within is ready take a journey to encounter herself fully, will you join her?

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Discovering Enchantment

You can change the course of your life, and live the story of your heart

Part One

Meeting the Enchanted Heart Wisdom Council

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Duration:Six enchanting weeks
Beginning: Summer Solstice, June 21, 2019
Location: Locally in Sedona or online
Fee-$197.00 (20% off grand opening gift will be taken off at checkout)


Your Discovering Enchantment downloadable Journal

You will receive the links to download the cover and first pages of the journal when you sign up. Each week for six weeks, you will receive additional pages twice per week with prompts and ways to prepare for the next steps in your council meeting experience.

Your downloadable Oracle Cards, Altar Card, e-guides, audio’s & video’s

Each week you will receive downloadable copies of the Wise Women Oracle cards and occasional audios and videos

Our private Discovering Enchantment Facebook group for members only

We will have a private group where are Discovering Enchantment Wise Women can gather, ask questions, post entries, get to know one another, and hop on when I am doing my weekly facebook live video which will last for one hour. You can also post questions for me at any time about the course, and I will get back to you within 24 hours, usually much sooner.

Magical tools and resources

I will be providing a variety of helpful tools, resources, books, and other helpful ideas I have gathered along the way including suggestions for reading, music, etc.

Special discounts on my sessions, mentoring , art and more

I will have special offers of all my services for my students and their families

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  • A higher vibrational environment in which you can truly emerge.

  • 13+ insightful “Pearls of Wisdom”, specific to you, given by the Council that will help you manifest your own unique version of a “Simply Enchanted” life.

  • A new perspective on the true Source of creation, and how to be a “Sorceress” with a whole new meaning, connecting to the flow of the Feminine.

  • An attitude of power, patience, and purpose to move ahead with your visions

  • Becoming part of an amazing community of creative , intelligent, witty and wonderful women when you take part in our online community and private group

  • AND MORE that we can not predict, for so much unfolds as we move along the path, and the amazing Wise Woman, always have surprises up their embroidered jeweled sleeves!

How the Course will flow

“ We are so excited you are here and hope you will join Rhianne and our Enchanted Heart Wisdom Council on an incredible maiden voyage into inner terrains that will BLOW YOU AWAY with how magnificent, creative, brilliant and beautiful you are. Entering our realm tends to bring out a side of us that we long to know , but often feel stifled to fully express!! Here, full creative expression is what we promote, and when combined with your Divine Feminine Wisdom, unstoppable!”

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Week 1: Welcoming & preparation to meet the council

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During the first week, we gather supplies ( a simple list) , learn about the origin of the council and begin preparation by following some simple guidelines given in the journal. Join the private facebook group and download the first journal pages, your Altar card and opening meditation.

Week 2: Creating our Altar, setting intentions, enter the council

The second week we will continue to prepare for the council meeting with nourishing foods, wonderful healing rituals, ideas for creating our ceremonial council meeting outfit ( optional but fun to share), and doing a special meditation every day ( given in an audio) that opens the portal to magical realms! At the end of the week, we will enter the council circle and begin our first meeting withShara Rose Gladstar, Master facilitator and conductress of the circle.

Week 3: Meeting the first four Wise Women

The third week we are introduced to the council of 12 and begin to work with the Wise Women who wish to support us to realize our deepest dreams and desires, clear all that no longer serves us, and move ahead with great joy, prosperity and love!
We begin the council meeting by seeking pearls of wisdom from the first four wise women, Mystica, Terra, Healena & Seerena.
We explore our spirituality, connection to the Earth, Health and Intuition.

Week 4: We continue meeting the next 4 Wise Women

The next four wise women we meet are Marta, Amala, Luminawae and Carrawen. We will speak about creativity/art, Mothering/nurturing, finding our direction and right relationships. We continue to receive pearls of wisdom and pages for our journal with practices to do and prompts to help us on our journey.

Week 5: Meeting the remaining 4 Wise Women

Maggi, Champea, Gracia and Stella are the last 4 we meet. We address our magical energies, how to be more structured and powerful, to learn about the laws of reciprocity, give and take, and to share our stories.

Week 6: Last meeting to discuss how to take action, closing ceremony

This week we will bring everything together and complete our Discovering Enchantment Journey. We will be discussing how to follow through with the pearls of wisdom given, and how to allow enchantment to grow stronger in our lives. We end with a special ceremony.

Be part of a Spectacular community of women!

After our course ends, you will be invited to be a part of the larger community which will include all those that have taken courses or been private clients. I will be interacting with this group on a regular basis.