Sedona Sacred Journeys

Are you bringing a group to Sedona or would you like to? Let’s collaborate to create magical memories for everyone!

We can “hang out” together in divine time!

Sedona is where seekers and teachers come from all over the world to commune with nature and the spirit of this land. She is ready for you.

I have lived in these powerful red rocks for over 33 years, and was called here in 1986 for the Harmonic Convergence, a time of great evolution and awakening. My spiritual and teaching work has continued to grow and blossom, and I have received Divine Guidance, and healing here, so can you. Allow me to create an adventure for your Soul, an unforgettable time in Sedona that can include:

  • Sacred Ceremony on the land

  • Personal or group wise women counseling using the amazing Enchanted Heart Wisdom system

  • Creating sacred objects such as wands or masks

  • Receiving a reading

  • Creating a personal rite of passage to mark an important chapter in your life

  • Massage

  • A photo session at sunset with a professional

I’m so very grateful to have worked with this awesome Wise Woman & Priestess in Sedona AZ. She presented me with insights that deeply reflected my incredible life journey. Rhianne’s masterful and intuitive skills led me to anchor my essence in this body; my soul rejuvenated , as I prepare to evolve and soar even higher. My wish for you is to also be able to source her wisdom. I felt the grounding power of Sedona as we walked into the wilderness to explore the magnificent Boynton Canyon & stunning Cathedral Rock.I look forward to meeting with Rhianne again.
— Taryn Harvey, Wise Woman, Australia