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What are your heart’s desires?

Are you ready to birth yourself anew, and deliver your most incredible life ever?

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I am a Midwife of Magic, assisting you to birth your Enchanted Self!

I am a professional intuitive consultant/ guide, Speaker, Mystic, Ordained Priestess, author, teacher, visual and performing artist .I have 30 years of experience inspiring and guiding people to create lives of whole hearted well being . I have a deep spiritual connection to Sacred Feminine wisdom that informs all the work that I do. (learn more about Rhianne here)

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Are you :

YEARNING for a simply enchanted life full of wonders , ease and grace

QUESTIONING a career, relationship or lifestyle you have worked hard to create and yet feel unfulfilled, depressed, ill or disenchanted with?

MAKING CHOICES to change habits, patterns and emotional blocks that are creating physical challenges that hold you back from deep fulfillment , health, radiance and joy ?Do you desire access the greatest wisdom possible both from within yourself and from trusted teachers, advisors and mentors?

READY to shine, inspire, create and thrive as you enter the next chapter of your life and you desire greater connection and clarity to the vision, intentions and truth in your heart?

MANIFESTING your dreams and feeling incredible power moving through you and now you want to ride that wave and make the most of this time while thriving in body, mind and spirit?

My Magical Life Changing Offerings

Grand opening savings of 20% off all services purchased by September 30, 2019. Discount will be taken of at checkout . Give my inspiring services to your friends and family that can be conducted in person in Sedona, on the internet or by phone.

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The Enchanted Heart Private Sessions

“Following the wisdom in your heart will bring your life to a place of beauty, enchantment, and well being.”-The Heart Wisdom Council

$197.00 for a 1.5 hour session
$350.00 for a 3 hour session (either session can be in person or by zoom online, both are recorded by audio or video)

I have developed an amazingly effective, powerful tool of transformation called the Enchanted Heart Wisdom Oracle. As a spiritual guide and hypnotherapist, I understand how to take you past your fears, doubts and confusion, into the wisdom of the heart, where your true intelligence awaits to give you keys to your success in all areas of life. This system has been used with people of all ages from all over the world and from all walks of life successfully. Willingness to use your imagination for your personal awakening and step into an enchanted world to meet the many beautiful aspects of yourself, is all you need.

The 13 Wise Women of the council are going to attune to your unique qualities and desires and give you guidance that no other source can.

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We will look at an ancient divination system called The Cards of Destiny, which will allow us to see the planetary energies of your birthday and the current year.

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I just want to say that having a private session with Rhianne was life changing for me. My experience brought support to me from the wise woman counsel, in a way that was very organic and actually had me shedding close to 30 lbs in a matter of 4 months after my session. I was not intending on weight loss as the goal but of releasing all the things that were keeping me in a holding pattern in my life. Working with this unique and beautiful process took the EFFORT out of creating the change for myself and had me creating from a state of total ALLOWANCE, which brought into my life all the changes I was wanting. So easily!!!! This work and this council of woman is amazing and how they heal...., surprising indeed! They helped me truly integrate that aspects of myself that were working against one another. Thank you Rhianne for creating such a transformative healing tool!
— Cynthia Spiece
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Sedona Sacred Journeys

Are you bringing a group to Sedona or would you like to? Let’s collaborate to create magical memories for everyone!

We can “hang out” together in divine time!


Sedona is where seekers and teachers come from all over the world to commune with nature and the spirit of this land. She is ready for you.

I have lived in these powerful red rocks for over 33 years, and was called here in 1986 for the Harmonic Convergence, a time of great evolution and awakening. My spiritual and teaching work has continued to grow and blossom, and I have received Divine Guidance, and healing here, so can you. Allow me to create an adventure for your Soul, an unforgettable time in Sedona that can include:

  • Sacred Ceremony on the land

  • Personal or group wise women counseling using the amazing Enchanted Heart Wisdom system

  • Creating sacred objects such as wands or masks

  • Receiving a reading

  • Creating a personal rite of passage to mark an important chapter in your life

  • Massage

  • A photo session at sunset with a professional

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Packages created according to your desired activities , intentions and goals. I have worked with hundreds of people to create memorable, meaningful and transformational experiences.

I’m so very grateful to have worked with this awesome Wise Woman & Priestess in Sedona AZ. She presented me with insights that deeply reflected my incredible life journey. Rhianne’s masterful and intuitive skills led me to anchor my essence in this body; my soul rejuvenated , as I prepare to evolve and soar even higher. My wish for you is to also be able to source her wisdom. I felt the grounding power of Sedona as we walked into the wilderness to explore the magnificent Boynton Canyon & stunning Cathedral Rock.I look forward to meeting with Rhianne again.

— Taryn Harvey, Wise Woman, Australia
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Sacred Sister’s Retreat
for two

( Add up to 4 other women for a custom retreat) $850-$1700 for 1or 2 Days

Come with me, on a sacred journey. This is a 6 hour deep dive into enchantment, magic, beauty, wisdom, healing and alignment with the Divine Feminine. Enter into a realm that I have created to shower frequencies of Love that can inspire and ignite, as well as restore and recalibrate all who enter my sacred space. This is a time to activate for the present and future what you wish to create and manifest, to release what no longer is relevant, and to be given keys to well being and wonder that will enrich your life.

Explore our basic packages, or create a custom retreat that includes:

  • Being invited to Rhianne’s Sacred Garden & Sanctuary

  • Connecting to your Divine Feminine Wisdom within

  • Doing ceremony at a sacred site in nature

  • Feeling your power, truth and inspiration for life

  • Incredible plant essences hand made from the garden

  • Express your creativity with a fabulous project

  • Enjoy divine home-made treats

  • Get an intuitive reading and consulting session from one of the most well respected and gifted Wise Women in Sedona

    and much, much more…

Our retreat was the highlight of our trip to Sedona. We prepared in advance using the guidelines that Rhianne sent us a week before our retreat, and even before we arrived, we both felt shifts in our lives. The day was more powerful than we could imagine. We addressed some deep family issues in an Enchanted Heart Counil meeting, and truly it was mind blowing how powerful it was and the healing that happened. We each had our individual sessions, and Rhianne her unique system using the 13 wise women is fantastic. Our time in her garden, in the red rocks, the craft project and the food were all divine. Rhianne’s attention to every detail, her preparation and her intuitive abilities were top notch. If you want something special to do with one or more family members or friends, this is an amazing offer.
— Retreat for two participants
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Discovering Enchantment
Vip private guidance

3,6,9 & 12 months available

We will custom design a path of self-discovery intended to bring out the best of your true divine design. Refine your life with elegance, power, joy, passion, creativity and heart. I will take you under my wing (fairy wing of course) and give you my best!


Because of my full life and schedule I will have a few VIP clients this year. I will custom design a program that will be filled with creativity and map out a path for you guided by our collaboration. Please contact me if you would like more information for a free discovery session.

“Simply Enchanted Living by Rhianne Newlahnd opens our hearts to the beauty, delight, and magic that permeates our daily lives. Deeply informed by ancient teachings, the Enchanted Heart Wisdom Council grounds those of us who have reached a ‘certain age’ in the richness of our personal accumulated power.

We can then step confidently into our new roles of being teachers and mentors for those who follow us. I’m honored to know Rhianne as a woman, friend, teacher, and role model. I encourage you to become your best you by opening your heart to a life filled with simple enchantments. “
— -Sunday Larson, Sedona AZ , Author, Teacher & Mentor
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From $2,897-$12,897
1-3 Month Sacred Journey

An unforgettable journey into the Heart of Art. I will create for you a customized portrait of your Enchanted Self. The portrait will include colors, symbols, textures and incredible elements from my collections of fabrics, jewels, trims and more.

Creating your portrait is a journey that we will embark upon together. We will discover through private sessions and a special inquiry process, what you’re portrait will be.

This is a VIP journey and you will have my finest service. The process will last 1-3 months depending on your package. At the completion of the adventure, you will have a magnificent heirloom quality portrait.


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My Pledge

I promise to be honest, strong, generous, gracious and graceful. I will do my best to be a clear vessel of Sacred Feminine wisdom and to facilitate you to access your own wise woman within to find the keys to YOUR most authentic version of an Enchanted Life. I will deliver quality and put my heart into all we do together .

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