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The future belongs to those who believe
in the beauty of their dreams. -Eleanor Roosevelt


Work with me to bring your dreams to fruition now.

What enchants you? What delights you? What inspires and ignites you?

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I am a professional intuitive consultant, teacher and artist with over 30 years of experience inspiring and guiding people to create lives of well being, wonder, freedom, clarity and creativity. I have a deep spiritual connection to Sacred Feminine wisdom that informs all the work that I do. (learn more about Rhianne here)

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Is your soul calling out for support, inspiration, clarity and connection to a new way of being in heart centered wisdom ?
Are you:

Yearning- for a simply enchanted life full of wonders , ease and grace

Questioning - a career you have worked hard to create success in and yet feel unfulfilled , exhausted, overwhelmed, and imprisoned by.

Unhealthy- you have physical challenges that are holding you back from deep fulfillment and you are ready to find solutions and implement them.

Making choices- have important choices to make and desire guidance of the highest caliber.

Ready- This is your time to shine, inspire, create and thrive as you enter the next chapter of your life and you desire greater connection and clarity.

Manifesting- you are manifesting your dreams and feeling incredible power moving through you, and you wish to direct and channel that into creativity and the fulfillment of your visions.

Rhianne NewLahnd is one of the most uniquely talented, authentic, and engaging individuals you will ever have the pleasure of encountering. Her artistic creations will leave you spellbound by their artistic merit and beauty. And when Rhianne weaves together their combined energies, her creations come alive to aid your spiritual growth, health, and positive transformations! You will be riveted by the deep insights and wisdom they reveal. Working and playing and learning from Rhianne and her special creations is truly a priceless experience.
— konstanz Kuraz, Former Attorney, now Resident Wise Woman and professional mediator.
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My Offerings

Grand opening gift of 20% off all products and sessions booked by August 1, 2019. Use coupon code ENCHANTEDNOW. Sessions can be booked for the future, and given as gifts.

Sessions conducted in Sedona or long distance. Video &/or audio recording included.

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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”-Anais Nin

$197.00 for a 1.5 hour session

In this one on one session, I will use my intuitive skills to begin the process of inquiry, looking into your heart and listening deeply to the words that you are using to express what your questions and concerns are at this time. Once we are crystal clear about your inquiry, we will approach the Oracle. If we are long distance, I will be your proxy, and if in person, you will be sitting in my Sacred Session Space with the Oracle in front of you. Either way we will then begin to discover what deep gifts of wisdom, wit, wonder and magic will be revealed.

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$497.00 for a 3 hour session

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To begin our time together, we will co-create a virtual ceremony to set our sacred intention for our Council Meeting. You will be invited to do some preliminary work before the session, to fill out a workbook that will help you get clear on what is most important to you to bring to the council. Four Wise Women will step forward to share wisdom with you during this time. I will also be looking briefly at a divination system called The Cards of Destiny, which I have been using for decades, that will give us a better picture of your current life energies.

I will guide you to access the wisdom within your own heart, and see what you truly desire, and how you can create an Enchanted Life for yourself by following your inner guidance.

(Includes preparation and follow up hours)

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$850-$1700 for 1or 2 Days

Come with me, on a sacred journey. This is a 6 hour deep dive into enchantment, magic, beauty, wisdom, healing and alignment with the Divine Feminine. Enter into a realm that I have created to shower frequencies of Love that can inspire and ignite, as well as restore and recalibrate all who enter my sacred space. This is a time to activate for the present and future what you wish to create and manifest, to release what no longer is relevant, and to be given keys to well being and wonder that will enrich your life.

Explore our basic packages, or create a custom retreat that includes:

  • Being invited to Rhianne’s Sacred Garden & Sanctuary

  • Connecting to your Divine Feminine Wisdom within

  • Being transported to an enchanted realm

  • Feeling your power, truth and inspiration for life

  • Incredible plant essences hand made from the garden

  • Express your creativity with a fabulous project

  • Enjoy divine home-made treats

  • Get an intuitive reading and consulting session from one of the most well respected and gifted Wise Women in Sedona

    and much, much more…

Our retreat was a highlight of our trip to Sedona, enlightening and brought us closer in friendship. Rhianne’s attention to every detail, her preparation and her intuitive abilities were top notch. If you want something special to do with one or more family members or friends, this is an amazing offer.
— recent retreat participants
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From $2,888-$12,888
1-3 Month Sacred Journey

An unforgettable journey into the Heart of Art. I will create for you a customized portrait of your Enchanted Self. The portrait will include colors, symbols, textures and incredible elements from my collections of fabrics, jewels, trims and more.

Creating your portrait is a journey that we will embark upon together. We will discover through private sessions and a special inquiry process, what you’re portrait will be.

This is a VIP journey and you will have my finest service. The process will last 1-3 months depending on your package. At the completion of the adventure, you will have a magnificent heirloom quality portrait.


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My Pledge

I promise to be honest, strong, generous, gracious and graceful. I will do my best to be a clear vessel of Sacred Feminine wisdom and to facilitate you to access your own wise woman within to find the keys to YOUR most authentic version of an Enchanted Life. I will deliver quality and put my heart into all we do together .

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